Margate / UK

Hey there! I'm an artist who found solace in painting as a means of escapism during a chaotic time in my life. Six years ago, I was a young first-time mom, living in a house that was nothing short of a construction zone – stripped back to its barest essence, pun not intended! Amidst all the chaos, I craved a sense of calm, so I decided to pick up a canvas and some paints and started creating.

As I delved into the world of painting, I discovered that my true passion lay in portraying the female form in all its beautiful glory. Capturing moments of passion and vulnerability in a photograph is one thing, but translating them into a painting, into ART, holds a unique allure for me. I find it thrilling to depict fantasies that might be deemed controversial if captured in a photograph, but as a painting, I can freely express them without censorship.

My mission through my art is to inspire and empower women to love their bodies unapologetically. I aim to initiate conversations about body positivity and sexual empowerment. I want my paintings to provoke emotions, to be a talking point, and to ignite a dialogue about the beauty and significance of passion, vulnerability, and the art of sex.

For me, passion is art. Vulnerability is art. SEX IS ART.

Join me on this artistic journey, where we celebrate the human form and embrace the power of self-expression through painting.


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