Armando Cabba

Paris / France

As a response to Tumblr's 2018 ban on nudity, Armando Cabbas 's erotic work was initially created in protest against the online censorship of artists, sex workers, and LGBTQI+ safe spaces. The use of renaissance titles along with Christian hashtags allow his explicit work to be posted without strict screening by major social media platforms. Cabba recognizes his privilege and uses his platform to normalize sexual freedom by using the same tools conservative parties have implemented for censorship.

Armando hosts "The JOI of Painting" on Pornhub that invites viewers to create erotic art along with him. Each season follows the development of one painting from start to finish along with art history lessons of major artists and movements related to sexuality.

Born in Montreal, Cabba earned his BFA from Concordia University. He was then accepted into an academy the following year where he attended briefly before opening his own studio in Italy. Armando’s work is held in private collections in North America and Europe. After a few years working independently in Italy, he moved to Paris where he currently continues to create.

Armando Cabba's portraiture is a captivating blend of artistic skill and emotional depth that captures the essence of his subjects with a masterful use of light, color, and detail. With a keen eye for nuance and a unique ability to convey the inner worlds of those he portrays, Cabba's portraiture stands as a testament to his talent for creating thought-provoking, visually arresting pieces that leave a lasting impression on the viewer.


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