Malik Amandla

Los Angeles / California

Capturing Life's Moments with Artistic Passion.

Hey there! I'm Malik Amandla, a visual artist driven by my profound love for photography and filmmaking. My artistic journey began during my time at California State University Northridge, where I discovered the enchanting world of photography through my classes. What started as a mere curiosity soon transformed into an unwavering love, passion, and dedication for both photography and the art of filmmaking.

With 13 incredible years of experience under my belt, I've had the privilege of exploring and honing my skills in both realms of capturing life's essence. As a versatile photographer and filmmaker, I have embarked on countless creative adventures, documenting diverse stories and portraying the beauty that lies within them.

Every click of my camera and every frame of film I capture holds a special place in my heart. My ultimate goal is to create unique and impactful art that not only resonates with viewers but also transcends the boundaries of conventional imagery. With an unyielding desire to master my craft, I am continuously pushing the boundaries of my artistic abilities, embracing new techniques, and refining my skills as an artist.

Through my lens, I seek to encapsulate the emotions, moments, and stories that often go unnoticed. With each photograph and film project, I strive to weave a narrative that evokes profound emotions, sparks conversations, and leaves a lasting impression on those who encounter my work. I firmly believe that every image has the power to tell a captivating story, and it is my mission to bring those stories to life through my art.


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