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Artist of the Week: Nettie's Transformative Artistry

Published on
January 10, 2024
Written by
Marianne D.
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Photography by: Josh Upton and Thom corbishley wearing Oliver Spencer

Nettie's artistic journey is a captivating exploration of finding beauty in the unobvious, turning one person's trash into a treasure trove of inspiration.

Nettie Wakefield, 'Rubbish Drawing,' Lot 012

Her signature series, aptly named "The Trash Series," focuses on the ordinary, utilizing discarded items like sweet wrappers, beer cans, chewing gum, cigarette packs, and playing cards to create vibrant and unconventional pieces.

Nettie Wakefield, 'Red Stripe,' Lot 012

Driven by the aesthetics of found objects, Nettie's art reflects her fascination with contrast, light, and the overlooked details in everyday life. Whether capturing the intricacies of an oyster or the backs of people's heads, she draws inspiration directly from her subjects.

Nettie Wakefield, 'Oyster,' Lot 012

As a female artist, Nettie finds solace and mindfulness in her creative process.

For her, drawing and painting act as a form of meditation, a means to relax and engage with her surroundings. She acknowledges the importance of breaks, understanding that stepping away often leads to better results upon returning.

Nettie's art transcends mere aesthetics; it evokes powerful emotions and nostalgia. The double-decker chocolate and Skittles wrappers trigger feelings of childhood and simple pleasures, creating a universal connection through the universal pleasure of food.

Nettie Wakefield, 'Skittles,' Lot 012

Her artistic style is both distinctive and versatile, evident in her lockdown-inspired social distancing drawings. These drawings, depicting figures lost in time and space during daily walks in Hampstead Heath, showcase her ability to create personal and meaningful pieces. One standout commission involved a large drawing for a couple and their dog, Ivy, capturing personal stances and moments from their lives.

Art, according to Nettie, has the transformative power to elevate the atmosphere of a room. She curates her collection to complement spaces, infusing character and intrigue. The choice of colors, subjects, and themes is a thoughtful process, ensuring each piece creates a lasting impression and reflects the unique personality of both the artist and the collector.

Nettie's artistic journey is an inspiring testament to the power of art, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary masterpieces that resonate with emotion, nostalgia, and personal connection.

Josh Upton and Thom corbishley wearing Oliver Spencer
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